Photo © Max Power


Moved by a Passion for Electronic Music sparked by her experiences in the dance scene of her late teenage years, TIKOA begins her artistic journey as a DJ in her early twenties.

After a short initiation of playing digital Music, she soon discovered the art of mixing vinyl to be her most true form of expression.

Since then, she has been expanding her record collection and developing her sound: Unrestricted by expectations and preconceptions of genres, her research of sound is focused around peculiar elements and distinct grooves, proudly giving space to anything which conveys an unconventional feeling.

This versatility allows her to handle a wide range of dancefloor situations, sifting through thumping beats and bouncing grooves while keeping an unmistakeable sonic signature.

In most recent times, she has proved her dexterity on multiple occasions: From setting the right mood at opening sets for her residency with Berlin’s Disconnekt collective, to upholding high energy through extended closing sets in the basement of Tresor Berlin.

Musical style:

DJ | Berlin