Photo © Max Power

Riker Striker

Rike aka Riker Striker aka A N U A G E is a powerhouse on all levels and in all genres. Through music, she has begun to process the challenges that have been thrown at her. It has given her the strength to push on. She has fought her way through countless strokes of fate and used her music to free herself from everything that tried to push her to the ground.

That’s why we find incredible energy, hope and an extreme will to survive in every one of her sets and productions. There are no boundaries. The artist draws from all boxes, blurring any boundaries and layering musical elements to create a new kind of energy to her heart’s content which feels like a sound healing for every ally.

She shares this energy with everyone to give them the strength and support she needed for herself. In doing so, she creates a space of hope, a way to escape and takes people with her to switch off completely, listen to themselves and block out everyday life.

She awakens the inner spirit and the pioneer in all of us. Creating hope and trust that every obstacle can be overcome by every individual.