Photo © Max Power


Nnamael is a swiss DJ and producer based in Berlin. Music has always played a key role in her life. A passionate music digger, her years in the Swiss underground metal scene still have an impact on Nnamaels production and sound selection. Nnamael is very attentive with her track selection. She layers them by using 4 decks to keep a constant energy and create her own loop-based orchestra. Nnamael takes the dancer to a journey, tells a progressing story that has crucial hallmarks: her sets are deep, hypnotic, driving, embedded in dark soundscapes. She defines her music as dark atmospheric / hypnotic techno. Influenced by darkpsy and industrial techno.

A core impact of her characteristic sets are Nnamaels productions: Nnamael spent uncountable hours in advanced education in sound design and acoustic experiments. The result: even her second release and first EP earned positive feedbacks by top-notch artists.

Due to her passion for the darker side of psychedelic trance music, she initiated the dark forest / darkpsy duo “Rudras Anathema”. Nnamael is also a founding member of the “Anachron Circle”: an event project, which aims to merge both of her favorite genres and to create a new platform for unsighted as well as established underground artists.

Having her first EP released on SUBVERTED, an aspiring queer Label in Berlin, she can be heard as a resident DJ on SUBVERTED parties in various venues.

Musical style: Atmospheric, Transcendent, Hypnotic, Elemental, Deep, Evocative

DJ | Producer | Berlin